Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Insights & Solutions

Infospectrum’s ESG Desk provides practical and actionable insights for clients seeking to understand the potential and growing impact of ESG/sustainability regulations and norms on their business operations, financial position, and reputational standing.

Today, maritime and commodities businesses worldwide are facing the added challenge of not only reviewing how to incorporate rapidly-evolving ESG regulations and norms into business processes and strategies, but also to execute these cost-effectively under tight timeframes. Whatever the motivation, and notwithstanding certain instances of political rollbacks or pockets of public resistance, there is little doubt that markets are transitioning to a more ESG-compliant equilibrium. Yet, it is important to acknowledge that this is indeed a transition period wherein good intentions and policies may exceed what is achievable given the technological developments and operational practicalities required for the safe adoption of market-funded cost-effective environmental solutions. Furthermore, although progress is being made, the conceptual evolution for a reasonably high level of globally acceptable, regularly monitored and strictly enforceable social and governance standards is still some time away, not least due to regional variations in cultural differences.

Leveraging our expertise in counterparty risk and ratings, due diligence, and KYC research, Infospectrum offers a range of services that discern key risks and opportunities, helping shipping, commodities, and energy market players successfully incorporate relevant concepts from this broad and rapidly evolving space into their businesses.


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