Counterparty Risk Appraisal Reports & Ratings on entities facilitating the ESG transition

Infospectrum brings its globally recognised and disciplined approach to counterparty risk-management, trade approval, and compliance processes to the rapidly changing ESG space.

We leverage our deep sector expertise in shipping, commodities, and energy markets to contextualise evolving ESG-related risks and opportunities. Our multiple-factor verification framework considers global variations in ESG market acceptability and best practices, ESG regulatory uncertainty, differing levels of ESG awareness, preparedness and transparency, and the associated operational risks. Our conclusion provides a comprehensive risk assessment of a counterparty engaged in facilitating the sectors’ ESG transition.

Our ESG-related Counterparty Risk Appraisal Reports & Ratings coverage includes:

  • Energy efficiency, including design-based technologies (wind rotors and sails) and voyage-based solutions (voyage optimisation).
  • Renewable energy, including service providers to the offshore wind sector.
  • The production, transportation, and supply of alternative fuels.

New ESG-related Counterparty Risk Appraisal Reports & Ratings can be commissioned at any time. For further information, please complete the form on this page.