Infospectrum is a highly valued provider of targeted investigation work and claims support, applying the utmost discretion and professionalism in the service of its clients.

Our Investigations Unit supports law firms, P&I claims departments and in-house legal teams with investigatory research designed to help with often highly complex and time-sensitive case resolution. Our work is primarily focused on in-depth investigations and evidentiary support for dispute resolution, arbitration, maritime claims, and litigation proceedings.  Each project is tailored to clients’ specific requirements to ensure materiality of findings and optimise cost-effectiveness.

Examples of work frequently undertaken by our Investigations Unit include:

  • Investigating and identifying attachable assets of target entities (helping clients assess whether litigation will be a viable recovery measure)
  • Investigating and clarifying obscured corporate, ownership and operational details of target entities
  • Conducting physical site visits to confirm the presence and status of a business
  • Real-time intelligence to support clients with potential arrest strategies

For more information, contact us via:

EMEA/Americas: +44 (0)1865 420 400

Asia-Pacific: +65 6435 0311