Counterparty Risk Appraisal Reports & Ratings

Infospectrum’s globally recognised Counterparty Risk Appraisal Reports & Ratings are integral to the risk-management, trade approval, and compliance processes of clients across the shipping, commodities, and energy markets. Produced to order, each report is thoroughly, yet discreetly, researched by our highly experienced Analysts, and provides critical insight into the ownership, operations, financial position, ESG profile, and market standing of subject entities (and any relevant wider group). Featuring our assigned ratings, the reports can also collectively facilitate risk benchmarking across a portfolio of counterparties.

Counterparty Risk Appraisal Reports & Ratings are delivered to the strict deadlines that time-sensitive shipping and trading transactions call for. We produce 400 to 500 reports and ratings per month, and upon completion, each is immediately made available for download via our online Infospectrum Portal, which gives users instant, 24/7 access to 30,000+ Counterparty Risk Appraisal Reports & Ratings.

"We depend on Infospectrum Reports to provide independent, accurate business information we can confidently rely on. We view Infospectrum's analysts as extensions to our own team, and continually benefit from their industry knowledge and informed judgements. Their ability to meet urgent deadlines is essential to our business and key to concluding time sensitive deals with our customers.”

(Compliance Manager - Ocean Transport Division of Global Trading House)