Infospectrum's Carbon Intensity Indicator Whitepaper

Infospectrum’s ESG Desk is pleased to release its whitepaper, “The Carbon Intensity Indicator: A Known Unknown - The evolving impact of the IMO's latest GHG regulations"

Applications for this year's Infospectrum Graduate Analyst Scheme are now open

Following a successful 2022 scheme, we are delighted to announce that Infospectrum’s second graduate scheme will commence in Autumn 2023. We are now taking applications from ambitious talent, eager to learn and develop a career in the commercial due diligence and counterparty/credit risk research, ratings, and reporting arenas.

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Participation in the Voluntary Carbon Market still in its infancy and the full extent of its opportunities and exposures are yet to transpire

European gas crisis drives hydrogen sector

Europe’s gas supply crisis of 2022 has stimulated much discussion about how the future security of the Continent’s energy supplies can be ensured. Over the longer-term, alternative forms of energy, such as hydrogen, are also being looked at more seriously in the wake of the crisis.

Voluntary Carbon Market Whitepaper

Infospectrum’s ESG Desk is pleased to release its whitepaper, “The role of the voluntary carbon market in decarbonising shipping – A practical guide to leveraging opportunities and managing risks”.

Two Minutes with Clare-Marie Dobing, Head of ESG Desk

This week, we spoke to Clare-Marie Dobing, who joined Infospectrum in March 2022 as the company’s first Head of ESG Desk.

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How are the maritime and bunkering sectors responding to the evolving drivers of ESG compliance, disclosure and commercial opportunities?

Liner supercycle is fading

Container sector stakeholders have benefitted substantially from the extended container supercycle, but do they face risks in the short-to-mid-terms?

Gas supply options examined as Europe seeks to halt reliance on Russia

The EU-27 and UK are formulating plans to move away from long-standing links with Russia as a supplier of gas, in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Two Minutes with Ju Leng Koh, Senior Analyst

This week, we spoke to Ju Leng Koh, Senior Analyst, based in our Singapore office.

Oil market kicks off 2022 in bullish fashion

Market developments have again brought political risk to the fore

Supply chain congestion: The pandemic and beyond

Initiated by the pandemic, pressure on the current global supply chain is likely to continue for the near to-mid-term, providing opportunities and risks for liner operators, and challenges for cargo owners

Green Corridors: Bold ambitions for zero-emissions

On 10 November 2021, 22 countries signed the Clydebank Declaration (the Declaration) at the sidelines of the UN COP26 climate conference in Glasgow

Climate, Covid, and Commodities: The “New Three C’s” of maritime risk

With an eye on 2022 and beyond, contextualising the "Three C's" of creditworthiness (Character, Capacity and Capital), Infospectrum highlights the collective and increasing relevance of the "New Three C's", namely, Climate, Covid, and Commodities to maritime risk

Market forces push US Oil and Gas industry reforms onto the backburner

Almost one year on from Joe Biden's US election victory, his mandated moves to begin the "transition" (as he put it) from oil have taken a knock.

LNG-as-marine fuel: Are prospects hampered by the “gas crisis”?

Ask consumers of fuel what their priority is, and most will say they want stable prices and security of supply.

Two Minutes with Magnus Evjebraten, Chief Technology Officer

This week, we spoke to Infospectrum's Chief Technology Officer about working at Infospectrum and developing our in-house solutions.

The New ESG Paradigm

Whether viewed as a regulatory compulsion, stakeholder activism, or corporate mission, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance is the new frontier of the maritime and commodities sectors.

Containership owners feast in the newbuilding market

Driven by an unexpected surge in demand and record profitability in the last 12 months, owners have returned to the new building market to capitalise on the global requirements for additional capacity.

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