The Infospectrum Analyst Team: Compound Intelligence

The Infospectrum Analyst Team: Compound Intelligence


Infospectrum’s ability to maintain its lead in the maritime and commodities due diligence space over the last 24 years is underpinned by many factors, but perhaps what is least understood about our business is the unique team that compiles our products.


We’re a firm believer in collective intelligence and institutional memory. Our decades of patient cultivation of source networks and access to the right people at target companies, worldwide, has allowed us to build up trust, and knowledge, across multiple industry cycles.


This advantage allows us to react quickly to our clients’ demands, and put information in context, provide insightful interpretation, and deliver meaning and understanding. “Will this company perform well in a downturn?” – the principals didn’t ten years ago. “Where did this company get its seed capital and cargo book from?” – sources suggest they are extremely close to a sanctioned commodity trader. “What are the terms of the debt attached to this fleet, and what are the relationships like between the principals and financing banks?”. These are difficult and sensitive conversations to have, and you need the answers quickly without damaging the existing or new relationship being considered.


You want to entrust this analysis to a team that is experienced, trusted, and respected, in the industry. We pride ourselves on having built up this intelligence resource over more than two decades, and, most importantly, keeping the team that generates it together, blending mature and new, thoroughly curated, talent to maintain this continuity. This institutional memory allows us to react quickly, knowing where to look, who (and when) to contact, what documents will (or won’t) be available, whether corporate structures are usual, or unusual. Our clients need discreet, high-quality information gathering that they, for whatever reason, cannot provide within the tight deadlines set by the industry. Our experience allows us to meet this challenge.


There is no “perfect” analyst – our team of more than 50 analysts worldwide are individuals who each bring something to the Infospectrum product, from liner experts, to former ship finance professionals, accountants, commodity or regional specialists - all intelligent individuals who thrive off the intricacies and personalities that form part of the very unusual industry in which we inhabit. Some have been with us since we started Infospectrum in 1999, bringing a decade of experience with them. Others have just joined as graduates, and bring their own fresh insights and skills to the table. All of these individuals can pool their expertise when needed, reaching out to colleagues as and when required to meet client deadlines and demands, and add value wherever we can. Each graduate from our annual graduate programmes is eased into this pool, learning from seasoned mentors, knowing they have the support and resources to embark on what we hope will be a long and rewarding career with Infospectrum.


How do you get the best out of us? One of the key benefits of our Open Access product is access to our Analyst team. The combination of downloading due diligence from our website, and the ability to call upon 50+ minds to answer questions about Infospectrum reports, or general queries about corporate structures, norms, outliers, local context, rumours etc, is unique. It is a key competitive advantage for clients who maximise this benefit.


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