COVID-19 The Mid-Way Point - How is the maritime sector responding?

Discover further insights on the impact of the pandemic on the maritime sector.

This report reflects back on developments, and provides a follow-up summary to our earlier review in April 2020.

Assess risks, protect reputations, and seize opportunities

Commodity and freight markets suffer major challenges with regards to establishing beneficial ownership, financial strength, and market performance. Our services, which range from detailed maritime credit reports to in-depth consultancy, are designed to fill this gap, enabling our clients to assess risks, protect reputations, and seize opportunities in some of the world’s most challenging commercial environments.

Instantly access over 25,000 reports.

Our due diligence & risk management services

From downloading in-depth maritime credit reports to commissioning bespoke counterparty due diligence, there are a number of ways you can tap into the intelligence in. The result is always impartial, dependable shipping intelligence, knowledge that adds up to a competitive advantage in markets where offshore registration and minimal disclosure are common.

Counterparty and Credit Risk Assessment

The proper management of counterparty and credit risk is vital for ensuring all parties are protected and trade risks minimised.

KYC Reports for Due Diligence

Whether it's for commercial due diligence or to meet KYC compliance requirements, you can never have too much information on your potential partners.

Pre-Fixture Reports

A comprehensive pre-fixture report mitigates potentially damaging trade risks. Avoid entering into binding agreements with financially unstable parties.

Online Databank

Accurate business intelligence is crucial to ensure you are well-informed. Access our latest analysis on more than 25,000 companies.

Bespoke Research

The more you understand about your business sector, the better placed you will be to prepare for, and react to, your commercial environment.


Investment propositions require thorough research and expert advice in order to ensure their viability. Make sure your decisions are informed ones.

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