Infospectrum is the leading independent global provider of counterparty risk appraisal reports and ratings, due diligence research, KYC intelligence, and supporting solutions.

Our work is integral to risk management, compliance, and trade approval procedures within the shipping, commodities, and energy markets; the insights we provide underpin trading and credit decisions every day and contribute to the effective management and mitigation of risk, be it operational, financial, reputational, sanctions-linked, or ESG-related. Facilitating quick, confident, and informed decision making, Infospectrum’s critical reporting enables clients worldwide to assess risk and seize viable opportunities in some of the most challenging commercial environments.


We are proud to advise many of the world’s foremost shipping, commodities, and energy organisations, including those active as:

  • Ship owners, operators, charterers and logistics service providers
  • Bunker suppliers and traders
  • Energy/commodity traders and producers
  • Financiers and lessors
  • Insurers (credit, P&I) 
  • Shipbuilders and marine equipment manufacturers
  • Maritime law firms and in-house legal departments

Our clients face significant and ongoing risk-related challenges, such as deciding upon/extending suitable trading or credit terms, obtaining sufficient insurance cover for the same, gaining clear insight into the viability of a particular transaction, or a course of remedial action. The complexity of risk assessment is compounded by the inherently difficult nature of the specific markets faced, these calling for sizeable financial exposures, while, in turn, typically offering little or no transparency or security. Uncertainties proliferate amidst trade volatility, global economic disruption, and a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.


Owned by its employees and private investors outside our industry, Infospectrum has true independence, which is intrinsic to the complete impartiality of our work. We have been navigating and reconciling the specific complexities of the shipping, commodities, and energy markets for more than 20 years. Drawing on this experience, we also leverage substantial in-house data/intelligence resources, as well as a global network of well-placed and trusted market sources. We assess findings in accordance with our proprietary risk rating methodology, providing in-depth reports to clients’ deadlines. At all times we adhere to rigorous internal quality-control measures (which call for accuracy and commercial sensitivity), and our core principles of impartiality, integrity, and discretion.



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"We have known Infospectrum since they started. Their professionalism and expert knowledge enable us to benefit from good business opportunities. We look forward to continuing the valuable working relationship.”

(Credit Manager - Oil Major)


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