Consultancy & Advisory

Infospectrum’s Consultancy & Advisory team provides a custom approach tailored to each client’s unique situation and goals; from specific project objectives to insights that unlock new commercial opportunities and competitive advantage.

Through our considerable domain expertise and worldwide team, we have the capability to assist clients in various capacities. Areas where our Consultancy & Advisory team has worked successfully include:

    • Evaluation of specific commercial opportunities – From initial market assessments through to subsequent investment monitoring
    • Implementation of risk management solutions – Including credit risk management, KYC intelligence, and compliance strategy (covering policy, best practice and in-house solutions)
    • M&A transactions - Assisting buyers and sellers of businesses and assets with due diligence research and reporting in preparation for, or evaluation of, a transaction
    • Loan or debt portfolio acquisitions - Assisting investors or buyers of loans (individual or portfolios) with due diligence research and reporting, including a critical assessment of borrowers, assets and markets, as well as loan terms and structures
    • Capital raising - Financial options mapping, assistance with due diligence presentations for potential lenders and investors, and in-depth analysis of distinct financial markets, including market access counsel
    • Building a business strategy within an existing business - Preparation of market reviews, company SWOT analyses, and assistance with business plan development
    • Practical and actionable ESG/ sustainability insights - Identifying, monitoring and informing clients on emerging macro trends with the potential to create material risks and opportunities for their businesses and stakeholders
    • Independent and impartial ESG/ sustainability eco-system analysis - Assessing commonly adopted voluntary reporting and disclosure mechanisms, potential future regulatory interventions and emerging global standards