The Databank

The Databank is an invaluable resource for credit risk, KYC, and compliance professionals, giving users instant, 24/7 access to 32,000+ Infospectrum Counterparty Risk Appraisal Reports and Ratings.

These thoroughly researched reports and assessments of entities in the shipping, commodities and energy markets are designed to give critical insight into the subject’s ownership, operational strategy, financial position, ESG status and reputational standing, incorporating Infospectrum’s highly valued impartial rating. Immediate access to Infospectrum’s reports and ratings is integral to our clients’ ability to promptly make informed, risk-managed and compliant decisions, enabling them to secure viable chartering, credit and trading opportunities.

As the Databank automatically incorporates the new and updated research and assessments conducted by our Analysts, it is the central access point for the very latest counterparty intelligence and risk ratings produced by our teams across seven offices worldwide.