Infospectrum Counterparty Management System (ICMS)

Developed by Infospectrum, ICMS is an integrated counterparty vetting, onboarding and portfolio management solution that helps users efficiently engage, interact, and extract enhanced value from Infospectrum’s Counterparty Risk Appraisal Reports and Ratings.

The cloud-based system serves as an enterprise-level dynamic hub for counterparty risk information, enabling users to:

  • Organise and manage a selected portfolio of counterparties through a secure, private ledger, including a bespoke approval and internal reporting system that enables users within the same organisation to share information with authorised colleagues around the world in real-time
  • Achieve greater efficiency throughout the counterparty tracking process, using proactive alerts that notify users when new updates are available on counterparties within their ledger
  • Gain instant access to a live and permanent audit trail that provides a fully transparent record of all decisions related to any counterparty a user has interacted with
  • Enhance decision-making and identify additional viable commercial opportunities by drawing on powerful insights provided by ICMS’ analytics platform