Navigating the EU ETS: Practical Insights For The Maritime Industry

Navigating the EU ETS: Practical Insights For The Maritime Industry

Infospectrum's ESG Desk is pleased to release its whitepaper, “Navigating the EU ETS: Practical Insights For The Maritime Industry”.


This unique appraisal of shipping’s inclusion within the EU ETS helps readers to consider new regulatory requirements within the context of the sector’s unique characteristics and operating structure; identifying practical risks and considerations determined through our Analysts’ research, Infospectrum’s institutional knowledge, and perspectives shared discreetly by our global network of well-placed market sources.


This paper includes:


  • Key features of the maritime EU ETS, including lessons learnt from its precursor EU Monitoring, Reporting & Verification (MRV) Regulation
  • A nuanced understanding of the links between the Union Registry, the EU’s Attribution List, and the definition of ‘shipping company’ to correctly attribute a counterparty’s compliance obligations and associated financial risks
  • The risks and opportunities presented by the three main EUA trading channels, with practical insights on Warehousing, Credit & Mutual Counterparty Risk in the OTC Channel
  • A briefing on pricing considerations, and structured examples of EUA price impact on bunker and voyage costs to bring transparency to the underlying assumptions
  • Explanation of new commercial structures being adopted by the industry and the impact of financial accountability across the counterparty chain


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