ESG Assessment Reports (ESG-A)

Infospectrum’s ESG-A is a reporting and rating system using Infospectrum’s Multiple Factor Verification process to provide clarity on ESG strategy, accountability, performance, and transparency within a consistent framework.

An ESG-A report enables users to:

  • Gain a comprehensive, yet succinct, understanding of a company’s strategic approach to ESG, including its interpretation of ESG risk materiality, and ability to leverage new opportunities.
  • Identify the ESG-related corporate governance structures involved, including the departments and executives with ESG budgetary allocations and responsibilities, accountable for the implementation and execution of the ESG strategy.
  • Consider the salient principles, standards and reporting protocols adopted to represent the company’s ESG performance and commitments in a transparent manner.
  • Consider the effectiveness of the company’s strategy including its reported performance, achievements, key alliances and memberships, and ESG-related investments.
  • Benchmark industry peers and other counterparties based on insights into differentiated approaches, best practices, and technological exposures.
  • Leverage insights to maximise ESG-related business development activities including potential suppliers, collaborations, and strategic investments.

Users that will benefit from using Infospectrum’s ESG-A include:

  • Cross-organizational ESG and sustainability teams
  • Risk, compliance, and credit management departments
  • Commercial, sales and business development executives
  • Operational and technology collaboration teams
  • Financial institutions, lenders, and investors

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