Infospectrum VERify

Infospectrum VERify provides due diligence and verification checks for participants in the voluntary and compliance carbon markets (including EU ETS).

The benefits of these checks include:

  • Verification of a company’s legal identity shareholders, directors, and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) structures and conducting sanction checks against relevant names.
  • Gaining insight into a company’s evolution and trading activities including markets covered (Emissions Trading Systems, voluntary carbon market, EAC markets), strategic and operational focus, and identifying platforms of participation (auctions, registries and exchanges) and other value-added services.
  • Assessment (where possible) of the financial profile/condition of a company, based on a variety of factors including competitive position, terms of trade and access to financing and liquidity.
  • Gaining insight into a company’s track record and market standing.
  • Identifying risks in the voluntary markets, including those related to the quality of credits purchased (project ownership, conflicts of interest, adverse media, etc.), and assessing the accuracy of payback calculations for prospective sellers of carbon credits (where applicable).

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