Legal Support Investigations

Legal Support Investigations

Below we have outlined a Legal Support/Investigations case study that illustrates the kind of challenges we help our clients to tackle and the advantages we can deliver. This is just a small selection of our experience – if you would like to discuss a specific intelligence requirement, please contact a member of our team.

Introduction to service area:

Legal disputes and major commercial investigations are intense affairs requiring detailed analysis, planning, and foresight. Cases reinforced with comprehensive evidence, accurate data, and forensic analysis are stronger and more likely to lead to the desired solution. Commercial investigations are similarly dependent upon the availability and accuracy of company knowledge. Whether deciding on the merits of pursuing or defending a legal case or preparing for dispute resolution, our clients come to us for in-depth, independent analysis. Our experience of forensic investigations and evidence preparation has been put to work for a wide variety of organisations including law firms, P&I clubs, shipowners and charterers, energy companies, and commodity traders.

Case background

Our client needed to establish the structure of what appeared to be a major Chinese group investing in a range of asset classes, as a company seemingly forming part of the group had defaulted on a charter party. Given the difficulty of enforcing their potential claim within China, our client needed to discreetly ascertain whether the group had operations outside China and how closely these could be tied to the defaulting party. Given the high likelihood of any links being severed as a result of the ongoing litigation, the request was time sensitive.

How did Infospectrum proceed?

Within two weeks, we were able to use our local registry and business contacts, language skills, and knowledge of such structures to put together an organigram which covered almost 150 onshore and off-shore registered companies, including where possible the latest valuation of assets owned by these companies.

What were the impacts?

Our research clearly outlined the corporate structure of the group, demonstrating to our client the limited level of control exercised by the target company over these entities. As a result, our client was able to save time and money by discarding a significant number of the more “obvious” group members and focus on those where clear links to the defaulting party remained. Our research also prevented the potential for the wrongful arrest of assets.