Getting Serious About Sanctions - Introducing Infospectrum's New Sanctions Screening System "Sirius"

Getting Serious About Sanctions - Introducing Infospectrum's New Sanctions Screening System "Sirius"


Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions! For those of us involved in risk and compliance, the seemingly never-ending increase in complexity around maintaining sanctions compliance can feel somewhat overwhelming at times.


With traders and charterers breathing down your neck, making confident risk-based sanctions decisions, within the available time, and with company exposure and reputation on the line, the pressures have never been greater for compliance professionals.


By default, Infospectrum covers sanctions compliance within our standard counterparty appraisal reports. Our analysts always check the company, its directors, and perceived ultimate beneficial ownership.


Infospectrum’s analysts also take other important elements into consideration when evaluating sanctions risk; we look at the subject company’s typical trade flows, ports of call, and other items that could mean either a direct, or indirect exposure to sanctions risks for our clients.


Subscribing clients enjoy direct and real-time support from Infospectrum’s global analyst team (45 analysts, covering over 20 languages and all time-zones), which means that if a query arises about a sanctions (or any other) concern, our clients can discuss the matter directly with Infospectrum’s lead analyst covering that company/group – allowing further insights, instant understanding, and clarity from complexity.


To further assist our clients, Infospectrum has now developed a new sanctions vetting tool, “Sirius”, which makes managing sanctions compliance in today’s complex environment a much simpler affair.


We have consolidated direct searches of eight key sanctions lists into one user-friendly interface, allowing you to quickly conduct your compliance checks, capture and maintain records of your searches, and make confident decisions in support of real-time trading and chartering opportunities within urgent time frames.


As an Infospectrum subscriber, you and your team can conduct your own sanctions checking of companies, individuals, and vessels – whenever you want, from wherever you want.


What lists does Sirius cover?


  • US – Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List
  • US – Consolidated Sanctions List
  • EU – Consolidated Sanctions List
  • UK – Financial sanctions targets: list of all asset freeze targets
  • UN – United Nations Security Council Consolidated List
  • Switzerland - Consolidated Santions List
  • Australia - Consolidated Sanctions List
  • Canada - Consolidated Autonomous Sanctions List


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