Identify counterparty credit risks and KYC with instant access to over 28,000 reports

From downloading an in-depth counterparty credit report to commissioning bespoke research, there are a number of ways you can tap into the intelligence in our network. Receive impartial, dependable business intelligence—knowledge that reduces maritime credit risk and adds up to a competitive advantage in markets where offshore registration and minimal disclosure are common.

Counterparty and Credit Risk Assessment

Assessing a potential partner? Setting up a new line of credit or extending credit for a single transaction? In the absence of proper financial security, parties depend on cooperation, trust, and often open-credit terms in order to carry out trade. Our counterparty credit reports support this, providing our clients with a clear understanding of their counterparty’s corporate structures, operations, and financial performance for clearer, more confident decision-making.

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KYC Reports for Due Diligence

Our publicly-quoted clients, those in regulated sectors, and those seeking a higher level of client onboarding due diligence, use Infospectrum to cover their requirements in this area. Our standard reports cover all of the key concerns, ensuring our clients can meet regulatory obligations, and we can also provide more bespoke solutions for those with specific KYC requirements. Speed is particularly relevant when transactions and other commercial deadlines call for rapid decisions, and our products can often be delivered in a matter of hours.

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Pre-fixture reports providing fast, cost-effective analysis

Infospectrum works with some of the world’s largest and most demanding cargo owners, ship owners and ship operators. The prompt nature of subjects demands that we provide quality due diligence on often low-profile counterparties within a very short space of time. Our pre-fixture reports cover these requirements, with our global network of offices and industry-leading archive ensuring that our report is delivered to our client’s deadline.

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Online Databank

When our clients need due diligence immediately, they turn to our online Databank, which holds over 28,000 reports on maritime, energy and commodities counterparties. With up to 400 reports being compiled every month, we believe our Databank is the most current in the industry. Some of our products incorporate access to both our entire Databank, and to our global analyst team, a combination which provides an unrivaled information edge to our clients.

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Bespoke research for business intelligence

Our analyst team is one of the most experienced in the industry, covering certain sectors and companies for, in some cases, several decades. The trust and contacts built up during this time allows us to offer a fully bespoke service to clients whose demands fall outside of our usual report structures.

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Market, Competitor & Acquisition Consultancy

Not all of Infospectrum’s clients need counterparty risk analysis. We have leveraged our recognised position in the industry, and the knowledge of our team, to provide consultancy services ranging from assessing the viability of investments in complex politico-economic environments, to asset searches covering multiple jurisdictions.

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Legal Support for Maritime, Energy & Commodity Sectors

Legal disputes and major commercial investigations are intense affairs requiring detailed analysis, planning, and foresight. International trade can complicate matters, where different laws or conflicting legislation raises altercations between counterparties or other business partners. As a result of the complexity of chartering and other large-scale commercial or industrial disputes, expert legal support is often required from third-parties with experience in these sectors.

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Need something more bespoke?

We focus on your specific business requirements, delivering what you need, when you need it. Work quoted and guaranteed in advance.