Get To Know Infospectrum

Get To Know Infospectrum


Infospectrum answers your FAQs


What does Infospectrum do?


Infospectrum provides high quality due diligence research and counterparty risk appraisal/reporting services, with a focus on the shipping, energy and commodity sectors. We research, analyse, and report on the ownership structure, operations, financial position and market standing of entities active in various facets of the above sectors, supporting our clients’ risk-management/compliance procedures with impartial assessments of their existing or potential counterparties, delivered to deadline. Our ratings included in our reports as part of this process are industry recognised, worldwide. We also provide sanctions screening, through our proprietary system called Sirius, and in-depth counterparty monitoring through our ICMS platform.


In addition to our flagship counterparty risk appraisal reports, we also provide bespoke KYC and compliance research and reporting solutions to suit our customers’ requirements.


How quickly can you deliver your reports?


Fast. We have been in business for 22 years, with many of our Senior Analysts having longer industry experience than that. We therefore have a wealth of experience and information to access immediately. Our assessments are typically required ahead of a time-sensitive transaction, so we offer instant access to existing reports (via our Databank of over 27,000 reports), or delivery of commissioned research/reports on a same day, next business day, 2 business days and 5-7 business days basis.


We have a global network of offices and contacts allowing you to reach us 24 hours a day/ 5 days a week. We encourage access to our global team of 45 directly employed Analysts.


What is Infospectrum’s approach?


Whenever we are appointed to perform due diligence, we proceed with structured research into corporate, operational, financial, reputational and other matters pertinent to the subject company. In doing so, we draw upon our significant in-house experience and information resources, and consult our global network of trusted market sources. We assess findings in accordance with our proprietary risk rating methodology, reporting within our client’s requested timeframe. At all times we adhere to rigorous internal quality-control measures, requiring accuracy, commercial sensitivity/awareness and discretion.




Will you contact my counterparty?


Yes, our due diligence process demands that we give the subject company’s management the opportunity to present the case for their business.


This is key to ensure fair and broad information gathering, supporting a thorough and accurate due diligence process, which is vital for compliance and effectively managing risk in the shipping, energy and commodity sectors. However, the identity of our client will not be disclosed to the subject company unless we have received authorisation to do so when an order is placed.


Infospectrum is widely recognised as the leading brand in counterparty due diligence in the maritime and commodity trading space, and companies in our sector know we are a vital part of making business happen, and we are considered as a trusted assessor and proprietor of information. We exercise the utmost discretion through our research and have the experience and systems to correctly and appropriately handle commercially sensitive information.


Why has a report been withdrawn from your Databank?


This can occur where we become aware of developments that may have a bearing on our assessment of the company concerned, or which we feel clients should be made aware of. In such cases, we will be able to discuss with you the reasons for withdrawal (which may often only be temporary). In many cases, we may be able to release a withheld report to you, having first discussed pertinent factors/context.


Do you have a Blacklist?


No. While variable performance and risk profiles exist across the many companies we research, the standing of any entity can deteriorate or improve due to various factors, thus we will always look to maintain a fair, impartial and balanced approach by performing assessments where requested/or warranted. We are well aware of the detrimental impact that market rumours or incorrect/unsubstantiated information can have upon the perception of subject companies, and thus we will always maintain fairness and integrity when making assessments/representations.


I already have information from my counterparty and its brokers, so why do I still need an Infospectrum report?


The thorough research and analysis conducted by our experienced Analyst team is delivered through our structured reports. It is impartial and provides our unbiased appraisal based on detailed, structured research and discrete interviews with pertinent third-party sources, to vitally broaden and reinforce the basis of your risk assessment.


Why did you contact me?


Infospectrum is routinely appointed by clients in the shipping, supply, and commodity trading sectors to provide due diligence reports on their existing or potential counterparties; the reports are integral to internal decision-making processes, often preceding a transaction, for risk-management and/or compliance purposes. The due diligence process also involves our seeking pertinent information and clarification directly from the subject company’s management. We are asked to compile reports on around 500 companies each month, this reflecting our appointment as routine/standard procedure for many of our clients, as opposed to any perception of elevated risk. An Infospectrum report on your company can help to facilitate business with key existing and potential counterparties in the shipping and commodities markets.


What information will you seek from me?


Particularly with regard to privately-owned companies, we are mindful of the wish to limit disclosure of information deemed commercially and financially sensitive. But we encourage disclosure of information directly pertinent to a risk assessment, and to be used purely for the purposes of supporting the decision-making of our registered clients, who have a legitimate commercial need for our report. The information we typically seek will include confirmation of ultimate beneficial ownership or ultimate control, the origins/development and current operations/strategy of the company, its financial performance and current business partners/trade reference sources. We seek to secure supporting documentation where possible, so if you have audited or management accounts, shareholder or incorporation documents, trading licences and fixture lists available, these will greatly assist in our production of full/robust assessment to share with our client. Infospectrum has a proven long-term track record in handling sensitive information, and is trusted by thousands of private companies worldwide to hold their data in a responsible manner.


How will you use the information I give you?


The information you share with us is a key part of our assessment criteria, and will be used in conjunction with other information (corporate filings, our own database records and intelligence from an extensive network of market sources), to support a balanced, impartial assessment process.




Who will see the information I give you?


Infospectrum’s reports are only accessible to registered clients of Infospectrum. They can only be registered clients if we have verified that they have a legitimate commercial need for our reports They are not available in the public domain, and we take the trust placed in us by our clients and the management of the companies we write on very seriously. Many of the companies we compile reports for regard Infospectrum ratings as an integral part of their risk-management, compliance, onboarding and business development functions.


Can I share Infospectrum’s reports on my company/my counterparties?


Our Conditions of Supply strictly prohibit unauthorised disclosure of our reports/ their content (including our ratings) to third parties without our express written consent. This is central to our status as a business which handles sensitive information. If you have a specific requirement to release an Infospectrum report (or any element of its content) outside of your contractual obligations, please contact us.


What if I disagree with my Infospectrum rating?


Talk to us. We are always happy to explain our rating rationale for a given assessment, and what factors/further information might potentially support enhancements.



We hope that the above information will help you to consider us as a partner for your future counterparty risk assessments. You can find out more about our services and get in contact with us here.





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