Online Databank

Below we have outlined a Online Databank case study that illustrates the kind of challenges we help our clients to tackle and the advantages we can deliver. This is just a small selection of our experience – if you would like to discuss a specific intelligence requirement, please contact a member of our team.

Introduction to service area:

We understand the time-sensitive pressures our clients face when responding to emerging trade opportunities. Whether your business market is maritime, freight or commodity trading, timely access to accurate information enables businesses to maximise on developments swiftly, with confidence.

To help our clients make informed business decisions, we maintain a comprehensive online databank containing detailed up-to-date information, and resources on thousands of companies. This process is strengthened by our active analyst team, which is directly accessible to all of our clients at any time, to help with queries and reporting.

Case background

Our client was alerted to an opportunity to trade with a newly-formed Chinese ship owner at 00:30 GMT. While the vessel concerned was modern, and had no Port State Control record, information on the corporate ownership of the vessel was limited.

Our client had no knowledge as to the corporate structure, background, or reputation (past and present) of the Chinese principals. Given that subjects were due to be lifted in a matter of hours, our client needed rapid, cost-effective insights into the risk of chartering the ship concerned.

How did InfoSpectrum proceed?

Our client was able to log in to Infospectrum’s database of over 19,000 companies and download a concise due diligence report on the target company, which had been compiled two months prior to the enquiry. Using our advanced search functionality, our client was also able to download reports on two companies registered in Hong Kong and the BVI, which were believed to share common ownership.

These reports had been compiled even more recently. After saving the reports for future reference by their colleagues, they called our Australia office. Our team there was able to confirm whether any further information had been lodged with us in the intervening period and to answer further questions to help them better understand the counterparty.

What were the impacts?

The reports downloaded from our online database enabled the client to accurately assess the trading opportunity. The information learned from the reports helped them to understand the size, reach, and trading potential of the company in question.

While the client chose not to pursue the trading opportunity in this instance, the availability of the database meant they were able to reach this decision quickly. The ongoing availability of the database and the downloaded reports means that the client can review this decision at a later date, should future opportunities to trade with the Chinese ship owner appear.