Our Focus

Infospectrum focuses on two core markets – Maritime and Commodities – ensuring that we can deliver unparalleled specialist expertise to our clients. So whether you are a charterer, owner or investor, and wherever in the world you are doing business, you can rely on us for the best and latest insight.

The Commodities sector

The market challenges:

Rapid diversification of the commodities industry since the 1970s has led to the emergence of low profile, privately owned and asset-light intermediaries. This lack of transparency has led to greater risk and regulation for those operating in this sector.

  • Prevalence of complex, multi-layered corporate structures, often registered in low-disclosure jurisdictions, to assist in tax/transfer pricing management
  • High levels of scrutiny from governmental and non-governmental organisations
  • High levels of operational, reputational and market risk
  • Requirement to support and cross-check documentation provided by trading partners to trade finance banks and sellers/buyers

What we deliver:

We give our clients direct access to support from a team with global commodities experience underpinned by detailed local knowledge.

We provide bespoke due diligence covering 'soft factors', including background, wider corporate structures, the experience of principals, and current market performance and reputation

We have established KYC/AML checks and also provide counterparty information to assist with anti bribery and sanctions compliance

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