Infospectrum Credit Risk Forum 2017

On 11th September 2017, Infospectrum held its annual Counterparty Credit Risk Forum in London, providing an excellent opportunity for our clients to network with over 100 risk managers, ship owners, lawyers and financiers and, of course, the Infospectrum team. Our forums, which are open to all Infospectrum clients at no cost, are also designed to add to our client’s industry knowledge, with a hand-picked selection of speakers.

The morning session was based around the fundamentals of our sector, from the perspectives of market forecasts, the application of risk management, and the avenues available should such management fail. Stephen Gordon, the Managing Director of Clarksons Research, set the scene by bringing the audience up-to-date with a detailed outlook of the shipping markets. This was followed by a presentation on the key challenges faced by risk managers in today’s environment by Maria Taylor, former Head of Credit at EDF Trading Ltd, and now an established consultant in the risk management sector. Maria’s talk sparked a number of questions relating to the downsides of performance-related bonus structures. Finally, Eleanor Midwinter, a Senior Lawyer from Wikborg Rein LLP, spoke about the benefits of knowing your counterparty, and how such knowledge can help ascertain whether legal action is worthwhile.

Our late morning session started with a panel of four experts from the shipping and banking sectors talking about the availability of alternative capital in shipping. Moderated by Frank Pedder from Auld Partners Ltd, and supported by Robin Perkin from Breakwater Capital Ltd, Mikal Boe from DCC Bulk Transport Pte Ltd and Stacy Zhang from ICBC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd, the panel members gave their own perspective drawn from their diverse backgrounds on alternative capital, and faced questions from the audience on asset security, sale and leaseback arrangements and the establishment of Ultimate Beneficial Ownership.

Finally, Infospectrum’s team added its own flavour, with Senior Analyst Ian Staples providing an illustration of the flaws in seeking patterns in data, and Magnus Evjebraten, Infospectrum’s Chief Technology Officer, providing an introduction to the new Infospectrum Counterparty Management System (ICMS).

Feedback on the 2017 event has been excellent. We regard these forums as an integral part of our service to our clients, and very much encourage our clients to join us at our next event.

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