Pre-Fixture Reports

Below we have outlined a Pre-Fixture Reports case study that illustrates the kind of challenges we help our clients to tackle and the advantages we can deliver. This is just a small selection of our experience – if you would like to discuss a specific intelligence requirement, please contact a member of our team.

Introduction to service area:

nfospectrum has supported the dry bulk and wet freight markets since we started trading in 1999. Our pre-fixture service aims to help our clients make the rapid, but high value, decisions required in chartering, where time and information are often extremely limited.

Our global positioning enables us to address the industry’s key issue of timing through our ability to start rapidly (we have six offices worldwide, ensuring our clients a constant line of communication), our immediate access to company information, and our experience in understanding the complex structures used in the freight markets. We continue to work on very urgent projects for highly demanding clients in the commodity trading, ship owning and operating sectors.

Case background

Our client had been provided only with an abbreviated name of a ship operating counterparty by brokers and had six hours to agree terms. The client approached us based on our reputation for expert analysis and business intelligence.

How did InfoSpectrum proceed?

Our team knew the usual full name of the subject, and the fact that the abbreviation covered as many as six similarly named, offshore-registered entities, all represented by a single managing agent. Our global offices carried out discreet research using discussions with market sources, corporate registries, and our proprietary database of over 80,000 freight and commodity trading companies to establish the exact company to be used in the trade. We then provided immediate feedback, reporting its structure, ultimate beneficial ownership, asset base, performance during and after fixtures, and historical claims brought against its predecessors.

What were the impacts?

Based on the information contained in our pre-fixture reports, the client was able to adjust the structure of its transaction in hours, ensuring that it dealt with the most transparent of the potential counterparties, with appropriate security, thus minimising the risk of default, and maximising the chances of recovery should a default occur.