20/07/2017 – Infospectrum speak to Bunkerspot

“When we were asked to provide our perspective on credit issues in the light of perceived ongoing contraction and changes in various vessel segments, and our view on consolidation and restructuring in the bunker sector, instinctively I paused to think of the meaningful application of the words ‘contraction’, ‘consolidation’ and ‘restructuring’ and to ask myself, putting literary definitions aside, what do these terms really mean in the segments of the shipping industry that we follow closely from a counterparty credit risk angle. More importantly, are they used correctly? We can quickly forget that consolidation is not contraction, and restructuring, along with new favourites like ‘market disruption’, are often inserted into discussions to replace solid demonstrable facts.”

To read the rest of the piece by Panos Panousis and Bunkerspot click here.

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